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Older than Disney World, but just as wholesome, Chamberlin's Market & Cafe first opened it's doors to downtown Orlando in 1935 offering healthful herbs, teas, whole grain flours, powdered supplements and more.

Today the celebration of health continues at Chamberlin's Market & Cafe in all six central Florida locations. Chamberlin's is dedicated to serving it's community through continued education, special events, and by offering only the highest quality natural foods and products available for you and your family.

Chamberlin's has grown into a full service natural foods grocery market with wholesome baked goods, fresh organic produce, natural supplements and remedies, cruelty-free and all-natural personal care items, plus healthy-fast food and beverages to meet everyone's busy schedule.

Special Every Day Value competitive pricing is made possible because of Chamberlin's long term relationship with the manufacturers of our quality, nationally branded products that you know and trust.

Come visit one of our convenient locations and ask for a tour. Meet our friendly staff and discover the wonderful world of natural foods. While you're there, be sure to pick up your copy of the Market News, Chamberlin's monthly newsletter, for information on sales, specials events and free educational seminars.

Nutritional Supplements

Chamberlin's carries only the very best in Natural Supplements. We carry the most complete selection of vitamins and minerals, herbs and homeopathic products, as well as one of the largest selection of sports & fitness supplements in the US and our own Chamberlin's supplements which features the highest quality at reasonable prices.

100% Organic Produce

Unlike any other produce retailer, Chamberlin's Natural Foods Markets sells only certified organically grown produce. There's no chance of you picking up a chemically sprayed apple lying next to an organic one in our store and no chance of any of our items being mislabeled - we simply don't allow any chemically sprayed produce in our stores, period. So, when you shop with Chamberlin's, you can rest assured you're getting the absolute freshest and best produce anywhere - certified organically grown. We guarantee it.

Special Diet Foods

Chamberlin's features a large selection of products for special dietary needs, such as: Wheat Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Kosher, Lactose Free, Salt Free, Low Sodium, Vegan, Vegetarian and Yeast Free.

Health and Beauty Aids

The many health and beauty aids at Chamberlin's have been selected from the best of the natural brands available and are all "cruelty free", meaning none have been tested on animals. We have several lines of natural cosmetics as well as a large selection of aromatherapy products. They not only make you look and feel good, but they are good for your skin and hair.

Natural Grocery

Wholesome, natural foods including specialty items, organic coffees, herbal teas, spices and macrobiotic foods.


We have a great selection of snacks, yummy treats, candy bars, and goodies made with wholesome ingredients.

Appliances and Accessories

Juicers, dehydrators, and a wide selection of unique kitchen accessories that you can use when cooking up the healthy foods can be found here. And to be environmentally conscious we carry a complete line of nature friendly cleaning supplies.

Natural Pet Care

While you're shopping for healthy foods for your family, why not consider healthy products for your pets in our pet department. Chamberlin's sells only the best natural pet foods and pet care items available.

Store Policies / Services
Our groceries contain only pure ingredients:
• no sulfites
• no artificial colors and flavors
• no artificial sweeteners
• no growth hormones
• no bleached flour
• no synthetic MSG
• 100% certified organic
• no pesticides
• no irradiation
Vitamins, Herbs, Minerals, etc.:
• no artificial sweeteners
• no artificial colors
• no synthetic additives or fillers
• no artificial colors
• no animal testing
Household products:
• no chlorine bleach
• no phosphates
• environmentally friendly
We do stock a limited number of products not meeting our standards for people on very restricted diets where no alternatives can be found.
Help Wanted
We Want You! Chamberlin’s is hiring NOW!

Chamberlin’s is always looking for smiling, enthusiastic, health loving people who want to be part of the best team ever assembled in the Natural Foods industry.  If you have natural product knowledge and/or retail management experience please submit your resume - Quickly!  Chamberlin’s offers competitive wages and a great benefit package to full-time employees. Contact at resume@chamberlins.com or see your local store for more information.

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