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Fall is in the air. Cooler weather and the kids back in school signals the welcome change. But for some, this season brings its own set of challenges. Fall allergies and the start of cold and flu season often come with the changing weather. How can we stay healthy and prepare for these transitions?  One way is to be proactive and start early to keep your immune system in top shape with these key support products.


Take Multivitamin & Probiotics Daily.

Everyone in the family, kids to adults, should be taking a high quality multivitamin to ensure they are getting the vital nutrients needed for overall health. Be sure to choose formulas without unnecessary ingredients like artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.
Probiotics are the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. They help support overall immune health, and help keep bad bacteria and viruses from taking hold in the body. Probiotic bacteria are found in yogurt and kefir, as well as in concentrated supplement form.


Bolster Immune Support.

Don’t wait until you get sick, stock up now on formulas to support and balance your immune system. Key herbs and nutrients include echinacea, elderberry, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc. Many good formulas exist that include herbs and nutrients known to support immunity and to alleviate symptoms, including respiratory challenges.  And keep support formulas, such as herbal throat syrups or lozenges, on hand to soothe the throat during these transitional times.


Keep Congestion Away.
In the Fall, the changing seasons can bring both allergies and colds. To keep congestion in check, utilize expectorant herbs for the chest, and nasal cleansing for the sinus passages.
Singularly or in combination, there are numerous natural products to boost your body's immunity and maintain good health so you can stay well during the changing season!



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You could be one of the millions of people deficient in the essential mineral, iron. Iron helps make red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the body. Almost half of girls and almost one in four women have low iron intakes. A study found exercise enthusiasts were found to be at risk of anemia.

A new study has found that an elderberry supplement can provide some protection from cold and flu-like symptoms following long-haul flights, as well as reducing passengers’ colds by up to two days if they get one.

If you work at a computer all day, you might want to take an Omega-3 supplement. A recent study showed that daily omega-3 intake might help relieve symptoms of dry eyes associated with prolonged exposure to computer screens.

Researchers analyzed the results from more than 20 previous studies and found that hay fever sufferers may get some benefits from using probiotics, improving their symptoms and quality of life.

Scientists have confirmed the existence of what has been called the “second brain” – neurons lining the intestinal tract that communicate just like the neurons in the brain. Scientists have also confirmed inflammation and nutrition can influence the second brain, affecting our mental well-being. Read more to find out how.

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Broccoli to the rescue
Researchers have discovered compounds in broccoli that prevent or slow the progress of cancer cells. Eating broccoli regularly has been linked to lower chances of developing lung, colon, stomach, prostate, ovarian, and breast cancers. Health experts recommend that we consume at least one serving of dark green vegetables a day, so add some broccoli to your plate!

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